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Dutch Ducor selects Fournier as DuCare PP distributor in Benelux10 Jun 2024 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / company news


Ducor Petrochemicals, a European manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) product solutions, has announced its strategic partnership with Fournier Polymers. Under this collaboration, Fournier Polymers will serve as the exclusive distribution partner for Ducor’s innovative DuCare product range in the Benelux region.

DuCare, a specialised product line developed by Ducor Petrochemicals, is specifically designed for medical devices and other life science applications. These high-quality PP materials meet rigorous standards, making them ideal for critical healthcare and life science needs. DuCare PP is suitable for various applications, including injection-moulding, compound manufacturing and more.

The DuCare product range is underpinned by the DuCare Service Concept, which embodies the principles of pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), emphasising awareness, change control and meticulous documentation, all encapsulated through the ISO 13485 certification. It delivers a range of benefits to enhance healthcare and life science quality and safety.

Ducor continues to drive to the development of sustainable solutions, offering ISCC PLUS certification for all its DuCare products, as well as the entire Ducor portfolio.

Fournier Polymers, a trusted name in polymer distribution, brings extensive expertise and a strong network to the partnership. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with Ducor’s vision for delivering top-tier products to the healthcare industry.

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Targi Kielce’s Plastpol 2024. New technologies, new contacts, new supply chains27 Feb 2024 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / company news

image1.jpgThe world of advanced plastics processing technologies, innovative injection moulding and extrusion machines, and modern polymer materials; this and much more will be at Targi Kielce's (Poland) for a four-day show in May 2024. Plastpol welcomes the most important industry companies from Europe and Asia; they all come to Kielce to present their latest offers. The organisers say that the expo space availability is now limited.

- According to all indicators, the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL will again reassure its positio of Central and Eastern Europe's largest event for plastics processing industry. For the 28th time, Targi Kielce brings together key companies; the event is held from 21 to 24 May 2024. The majority of our exhibitors with whom we have been cooperating for years have confirmed their presence. There are also many first-time exhibitors; they appreciate the power of the Plastpol in Poland. Companies from many European and Asian countries, including those from India, China, the Republic of Korea, and Turkey join the expo. National expo stands are held by Germany, the Czech Republic and Portugal - says Kamil Perz, director of the Plastpol project at Targi Kielce. – We already know that exhibitors will occupy the entire space of our exhibition and congress centre; we are open for the last registrations. There are not many spots available to choose from.

Remember that the last Kielce plastics processing expo in May 2023 hosted 600 companies from 29 countries and their extensive offer. About half of the exhibitors are foreign companies representing Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Taiwan, Ukraine, UK, Hungary, Latvia and China.

- Plastpol has been designed for business and dialogue. The international character of the show is conducive to new supply chains, enhances contract negotiation, and boosts networking and contacts establishment. Leadds become contracts - emphasises Kamil Perz.

All information and registration for exhibitors available at   

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Dow posts Q4 2023 results6 Feb 2024 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / company news


Dow announced the Q4 2023 results on 25 January. The company’s net sales were $10.7 billion, down 10% from the corresponding period last year. A decline in all operating segments was due to slower global macroeconomic activity. Local prices decreased by 13% year on year, with a fall in all operating segments, due to lower feedstock and energy costs. Sequentially, local prices were flat, reflecting modest gains in most regions. Volume increased by 2% versus the same period last year, with growth across all regions except Asia Pacific, which was flat. Sequentially, volume slipped 1%, with the impact on the company’s site in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, caused by a severe unexpected storm in December contributing to that.

The Packaging & Specialty Plastics segment net sales reached $5.6 billion over the quarter, down 7% from the year-ago figure. Local prices dropped 11% on an annualised basis, driven by lower ones globally. Currency fluctuations lifted net sales by 1%. Volume increased by 3% year on year, led by higher packaging demand, primarily in the United States, Canada and Latin America. On a sequential basis, net sales climbed 3%, led by larger merchant sales of hydrocarbons and higher polyethylene prices in all regions. Equity earnings totalled $40 million, down $16 million compared with the year-ago period and down $10 million on a sequential basis, primarily due to the planned maintenance of the Thai joint venture facilities.

Operating EBIT was $664 million, an increase of $9 million from the year-earlier period. Sequentially, operating EBIT increased by $188 million, driven by higher integrated polyethylene margins, the impact of the planned turnaround activity in Q3 and higher licensing revenue. The Packaging and Specialty Plastics business reported a net sales fall on an annualised basis as higher demand for industrial and consumer packaging in all regions was more than offset by lower polyethylene prices. Sequentially, net sales increased slightly due to higher polyethylene prices and licensing revenue, which were partially cancelled out by reduced polyethylene supply.

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21 Jun 2024USA-origin K65 has been available for export sale at $840—860/t FAS Houston this week, up $5/t from the previous
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20 Jun 2024PP Türkiye, $ / t Basis Product 20 Jun '24 Change 23 May '24 Last month Jul '24* CIF Türkiye PP inj/raf 1130–1180 1080–1130 +50 +10 PP fibre 1160–1200
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