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Italy's tax on plastics worries industryTOP STORY5 Nov 2019 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / regulations

image1.jpegThe Italian government has agreed a new draft budget that includes an additional tax on plastic production. According to the bill, manufacturers will be liable to a €1 levy on each kilogram of plastics from July 2020. The list of plastic products includes bottles, polyethylene bags and trays, detergent containers, bubble wrap, packaging for household appliances and product labels.

Italy is currently ranked Europe’s second largest plastic maker and consumer. European Plastics Converters, PlasticsEurope and Plastic Recyclers Europe have opposed the plastic packaging tax proposal recently, believing it will impact on the industry negatively, cause job losses, revenue cuts and an economic slowdown eventually.

Roberto Gualtieri, the finance minister, had said the measure could be modified to reduce the impact on the plastics industry.

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