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New terminal to support ethylene export boom in USATOP STORY10 Jan 2020 / ChemCourier. Butadiene&C4s Weekly / ChemCourier. Styrene&Benzene Weekly / prices & market situation

The European producer will put 7,000 t of ethylene onto Happy Albatross vessel in mid-January to deliver it from the USA to ARA. It will be the second loading from Enterprise’s export terminal in Houston, inaugurated in late December 2019. Reminder: a Japanese trader loaded Navigator Europa vessel with 10,000 t of the material destined for Taiwan at the US new terminal on 2 January. Previously, Targa terminal located in the same city was the only one available for C2 export from the country.

Exports from the USA rose from 211,000 t in 2018 to over 265,000 t in eleven months of 2019. Enterprise’s new terminal may support the boom that began in 2015. It will have two docks and be able to load 1,000 t daily, as much as Targa one, at each of them. Enterprise also has the ethylene storage capacity of 275,000 t and a pipeline connecting it to the terminal. The company plans to expand both of these facilities and build a brand new 90-mile pipeline in 2020. It aims to create an integrated logistics hub with pipelines, storages and export facilities to be used by US ethylene producers on market terms.





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