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Turkey cuts LDPE/LLDPE imports in February7 Apr 2021 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / statistics

Turkey’s HDPE imports increased by 3,994 t to 79,401 t in February as it enhanced sourcing from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Turkmenistan by 3,089 t, 4,784 t, 3,154 t and 1,045 t, respectively, that month. Shipping problems some foreign exporters faced allowed Iran to remain Turkey’s top HDPE supplier that delivered 19,637 t of the product there in February. Shipments from Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, Egypt and Ukraine dropped by 1,367 t, 2,323 t, 1,176 t and 1,445 t respectively.


Turkey imported 76,776 t of LDPE/LLDPE in February, 5,591 t less month on month. Most leading suppliers sent as much of the polymer to Turkey as they did in January, with only the USA shipping 4,582 t more of it month on month. Imports from Germany also went 1,136 t up, while those from Belgium, Qatar, Spain and France 2,089 t, 2,798 t, 1,402 t and 2,815 t down, respectively, then.


For the detailed monthly statistics, please download the attached Excel spreadsheet.


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