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Canada plans to ban single-use plastics in 2021TOP STORY12 Jun 2019 / ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly / regulations

Canada will ban disposable plastic goods as early as 2021, Justin Trudeau said on Monday. The specific items to be banned will be determined upon a science-based review, he added.

The Prime Minister informed that the matter had yet to be thoroughly discussed and the list of the banned goods agreed with the Canadian plastic producers. It may include plastic bags, single-use plastic cutlery, plates and straws.

As early as 2021, Canada will ban harmful single-use plastics from coast to coast, Trudeau said.

The government is taking cue from the European parliament that voted overwhelmingly for a wide-ranging ban on single-use plastics in March to counter pollution of waterways and fields. Legislatures of the EU member states must vote for the measure to take effect.

Trudeau announced the move on the bank of a lake in Quebec’s Gault Nature Reserve in less than five months before the national elections in which the climate change and the pollution are among the top campaign issues.

Under 10% of plastic is recycled in Canada. The government said that 1 million birds and over 100,000 marine mammals worldwide get injured or die annually from when they mistake plastic items for food or become entangled in them.

The European Union calls for the disposable utensils that will remain in use to be made of sustainable materials whenever possible. The EU legislative bodies also plan to recycle 90% of plastic bottles and halve the litter of the top 10items most often found in oceans by 2025.

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