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About Us

Chem-Courier is a major global market intelligence company based in Ukraine with over 25 years of experience in reporting on the chemical markets. The company provides independent information and expert analysis of the key chemical markets such as petrochemicals, liquefied petroleum gas, mineral fertilizers, polymers, paints and coatings, chlor-alkali chemicals and tyres. Chem-Courier’s weekly reports deliver all the information about the chemical markets you need: the confirmed transaction prices, quotes, business environment, developments and trends, market forecasts, commodities production and consumption. The weekly reports target sales, procurement and marketing professionals.

Our experts with their in-depth market knowledge will provide you with the insight to help you make strategic trading decisions. The first issue of Chem-Courier came out on 15 September 1997. Since then, Chem-Courier has become the leading chemical market intelligence company in Eastern Europe. We carry out the comprehensive analysis of the following chemical market segments

  • Petrochemicals
  • LPG
  • Polymers
  • Fertilizers
  • Paints and coatings
  • Chlorine and alkali
  • Tyres

All the information is available through customizable newsfeeds on our website and mailouts that contain our weekly reports in PDF format. We also provide consulting services to help our customers make better-informed business decisions. In addition, Chem-Courier is always ready to undertake custom market research to meet your business needs as we have remarkable experience in this field. Besides, not only can our customers get insight into the market, they also have an opportunity to meet market players at the conferences organised by our company.

Chem-Courier also offers our customers advertising solutions:

  • Advertising in our primary Chem-Courier PDF reports
  • Banner ads on our website
  • Advertising in targeted mailouts


Our coverage: the world commodities markets, including the Eastern European ones. The target audience is executives, marketing, sales and purchasing department managers.

Our long experience in chemical market research helped us forge close business relations with the leading producers, traders, distributors and converters.

We will be glad to see you among our subscribers. 

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Petrochemicals and Polymers

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