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ChemCourier. PVC Market Weekly

ChemCourier. PVC Market Weekly is a multiregional pricing report that highlights developments in the global PVC markets.

We have included the trend analysis of

   - European
   - Asian (India included)
   - Middle Eastern
   - Turkish
   - USA and CIS

markets to provide our readers with the most essential and up-to-date information from all over the world.

It also comprises a user-friendly interactive map. We have divided the European market into three subregions (Northwestern, Southern and Central Europe) to monitor and demonstrate different market trends and developments.

We have included insights into the other regional markets with the production and statistical data.

Graphs and tables in each section provide data visualization to check the information easier.

Our reports are comprehensive and laconic at the same time and aimed at giving as much information as possible and saving our readers’ time.

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Petrochemicals and Polymers

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