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ChemCourier. Synthetic Rubber Monthly

Chem-Courier. Synthetic Rubber Monthly is a monthly report on the synthetic rubber and related markets.

It includes the information about: 

   - SBR, PBR, NBR markets
   - feedstock markets (butadiene, styrene)
   - production and foreign trade statistics
   - automotive market news and sales statistics
   - NR futures.

The geographical coverage: 

   - Europe
   - Russia and the CIS
   - Asia

The report is published as a PDF file with a trade statistics supplement in an Excel spreadsheet on the date between the 15th and 20th of every month.

The additional weekly news update published every Thursday includes the information on synthetic rubbers and upstream production capacity changes, feedstock contract price updates, new investments, accidents, turnarounds, leading companies’ financial results and automobile market news.

The subscription package also provides access to the daily newsfeed at

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