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ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly

ChemCourier. Polyolefins Market Weekly is a market report that provides the accurate up-to-date information about the entire range of polyolefins available globally. This report covers all the mainstream polyethylene and polypropylene grades:
 -  HDPE
 -  LDPE
 -  PP

Our team works with all the key global markets, including:
 -  Europe
 -  The Middle East (Turkey separately)
 -  Eastern Europe and Central Asia
 -  Asia (China, Vietnam and India separately)
 -  The USA

Our report includes the comprehensive Forecast section that gives our subscribers better understanding of market trends and helps players with their future business decisions.

We provide statistical and trading data as well as production updates by means of graphs and tables for better data visualization. Our publication also includes a unique interactive map of polyolefins offers. It provides the weekly update on supply of different polymer grades.

As the regional markets are getting increasingly more interrelated and interdependent nowadays, it is essential that market participants gain an insight into the global market trends and developments.

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